Don’t Invest in UK Fracking Industry says Investors Chronicle

by Philip Carr-Gomm

Premier UK investment magazine Investors Chronicle confirms that investing in the UK Fracking Industry would be foolish. Summing up a long article on the profits investors might make out of fracking, Christopher Boxall of the Fundamental Energy Fund concludes:

“The fracking arena clearly presents numerous investment opportunities in virtually every element of the process outside the traditional sphere of the big energy explorers and producers. However, given the vast amount of material and machinery needed to effectively exploit the resource, to any serious degree, it’s hard to imagine that the over-crowded UK could ever be in the position to effectively fully commercialise its reserves – thankfully international opportunities abound.”

How marvellous that we can screw up other countries, but with a bit of luck our green and pleasant land will remain untouched by the frackers.